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Volume III, Issue II November 2006
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Volume III, Issue II (November 2006)


First Lilly Colloquium Speaker Brings Attention to Future Nobel Peace Prize Project

It recently was announced that Muhammad Yunus and the Grameean Bank have been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  The project that resulted in the awarding of this prize is one of the projects highlighted by Mr. David Bornstein when he visited Catawba in March of 2004 as the inaugural Lilly Colloquium speaker.  In his book promoting social entrepreneurship, Bornstein introduced the program of the Grameean Bank, a program which has made it possible for impoverished residents to develop their economy and become financially self-sufficient. The author stimulated members of the Catawba community to consider the Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhpossibility that God is calling us to use our lives and abilities to improve the conditions of persons in need. Through his presence on our campus Catawba students and faculty have a special connection with this Nobel Peace prize winning project.


  David Borstein David Bornstein: Author of How To Change The World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas.

(Left) Muhammad Yunus is kissed by his daughter after hearing the news that he won the Nobel Peace Prize.


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